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My Work Experience

in a nutshell

2001 - Present

Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Ph.D. from Cornell University
MA and BA from Univ. of Kansas
B.J. in Journalism from Univ. of Kansas
Also, taught at SUNY Fredonia, Middlebury College, and Cornell University
Faculty Mentor to the Posse Foundation

2010 - Present

Leadership in the Arts and Humanities

Co-director of 4Humanities

Director of NY6 Think Tank

Principal Investigator, Mellon Planning Grant “Our Shared Humanities”

Creator of The Arts and Humanities in the Twenty-first Century Workplace

Volunteer: Vice President of the Ithaca Fine Arts Booster Group

2005 - Present

Key Leadership Positions

Director of Faculty Development (a one year position to develop an overarching campus assessment report)
Chair, of the Department of Modern Languages
Chair, Division of Arts & Humanities
Co-chair, Scholar Program Redesign Task Force
Director of Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Associate Director of Academic Programs

2014 / 2007

Leadership Training

Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Wellesley Institute.
American Council on Education (ACE) Southern Regional LeadershipForum for Women Administrators

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Publications Overview

Most recent only



The Entrepreneurial Humanities: The Crucial Role of the Humanities in Enterprise and the Economy.

co-edited with Alain-Philippe Durand

Routledge, forthcoming 2023

Extraordinary Partnerships: How the Arts and Humanities are Transforming America

Lever Press, 2020

Advice from the Ocean: Unexpected Paths into Marine Conservation

co-edited with Leah Henseler

Independent Publication, 2020

Hybrid Storyspaces: Redefining the Critical Enterprise in Twenty-First Century Hispanic Literature

Co-edited with Debra Castillo

Hispanic Issues Series, 2012

University of Minnesota's Digital Conservancy

Generation X Goes Global

Routledge, 2012

Generation X Rocks: Contemporary Peninsular Fiction, Film, and Rock Culture

co-edited with Randolph Pope

Hispanic Issues, 2007

Market Matters

Co-edited with Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola

Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies. Vol. 9, 2005

​En sus propias palabras: escritoras españolas ante el mercado literario.

Torremozas, 2003


"INTRODUCTION: HUMANITIES RISING: How the World Is . . . and Might Be"

Extraordinary Partnerships: How the Arts and Humanities are Transforming America. (Ed. by C. Henseler)

Lever Press, 2020.

Finding Humanity: Social Change on Our Own Terms
The Scholar as Human: Research and Teaching for Public Impact.
Ed. Anna Sims Bartel and Debra A. Castillo.
Cornell University Press, 2020. Pgs. 129 - 142.

On the Fine Art of Being Portal:
Seeing a Greater Range of Possibilities for Higher Education

Leonardo’s Children: Stories on Creativity by Fine Arts Leaders that will Blow your Mind. 

Co-edited by Aldemaro Romero Jr. and Steven J. Peters.

Publisher: International Council of Fine Arts Deans.

Taking the Future By the Horns:
Making Change Happen From The Ground Up. 

Modern Languages Journal. Vol. 101. Issue 2. 436-39.I 2017.

The Future of Hispanic Studies: An Interactive Conversation with Journal Editors.
Co-edited with Benjamin Fraser. 
Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies. Vol. 18, 2015. 135-180.

In/Authenticities: Movida Youth Culture in Motion
Towards a Cultural Archive of the Movida. 

Edited by William Nichols and Rosi Song. 

Ode to Trash: The Spam Poetics of Agustín Fernández Mallo.
Cuaderno Internacional de Estudios Humanísticos y Literatura.Vol. 16: Otoño 2011. 239-247

Commercial Contamination: The Economic Development of the Spanish Publishing Industry, 1960-2000

Henseler, Christine

Arizona journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies, 2005, Vol.9 (1), p.149-159

Spanish Mutant Fictioneers: Of Mutants, Mutated Fiction and Media Mutations
Ciberletras 24 (Dec. 2010)


Home: Volunteer Work

My Ongoing Projects

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With AI, cryptocurrency, and more in the news, it seems that being an entrepreneur means being in IT, but humanities graduates are launching new businesses every day, turning a profit and having social impact. This book explores how a humanities background can enable entrepreneurs to thrive.
Across all levels of education, students are given the message that to change the world - or make money - the arts and humanities are not the subjects to study. At the same time, discussions of innovation and entrepreneurship highlight the importance of essential skills, such as critical thinking, storytelling, cultural awareness, and ethical decision-making. Here’s the disconnect: the subjects that help to develop these vital skills are derided at critical points in any aspiring entrepreneur’s education. This collection of perspectives from entrepreneurs in a range of fields and humanities educators illustrates what individuals, and the wider world, are missing when humanities are overlooked as a source of inspiration and success in business.
Featuring a foreword by Sensemaking author Christian Madsbjerg, this is a thought-provoking guide for aspiring entrepreneurs in all sectors, and for educators, a window on the practical value of the humanities in an ever more mechanized world._

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Advocating for the Humanities

4Humanities is an advocacy initiative for the humanities focused on placing the value of the humanities before the public. We draw in particular on the expertise of the international digital humanities community. Digital methods now play a key role in showing why the humanities must be part of any vision of a future society. Advocacy viewpointsprojects, and research by 4Humanities and its local chapters use today’s means to shout out for the humanities

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 7.35.08 AM.png

This project features blogs, extracts, and quotes meant to provide concrete examples and further dialogue about the applicability of the Arts and Humanities in all professional fields. On these pages readers will discover that deep and thoughtful learning in literature, art, classics, history, philosophy, languages, music, theatre, and more, has lasting and positive effects on a person’s professional future as well as on global economic competitiveness, civic engagement, ethical responsibility, innovation, exploration, knowledge building and understanding.


Arts & Humanities:

Don't Leave College Without Them

This guide expands students understanding of the professional opportunities through the Arts and humanities. This guide includes concrete examples about possible career options and opportunities through personal essays, student interviews, portraits of young professionals, information about career choices, facts and figures, and answers to some of your most commonly asked questions.

Home: Projects


+ Crucial Info You Should Know

+ Stuff You Might Be Curious About

+ Information about Majors

+ Essays by Students and Young Alums

+ Portraits of Young Professionals

+ GIGS - What can you do with these degrees?

+ Interviews & Odds and Ends

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Who am I ?
I am a parent, partner and professor who is passionate about empowering our young.

What do I do?
I teach, mentor, and advocate for the importance of a balanced and holistic education through which students expand their thinking into new and creative directions.

What problem am I trying to solve?
Despite an ever-increasing need for more human-centered solutions, the Liberal Arts and the Arts and Humanities get a bad rap, and as a result fewer kids are enrolling in these programs.

What is my solution?
I am passionate about reimagining and refreshing, as well as assessing and designing new curricular programs that integrate and apply the arts and humanities across a wide variety of professional fields, in theory and in practice.

I build bridges between professional and academic communities to enhance communication and share mutually beneficial ideas and solutions.

I engage and empower students and young professionals to share their own understanding of what the arts and humanities are and how they can lead to more innovative, profitable and purposeful careers. 

What makes my work different?
Like many, I want to show students and parents the wondrous world of the arts and humanities and the cross-disciplinary opportunities they afford. But I do so with an eye toward the future and the needs of the future workforce. I include the voices and visions of the next generation through a holistic approach to our work-lives and to the building of diverse and inclusive communities. 

Why do I do what I do?
Because my dream was to be graphic designer or a set designer. But I had no mentor, no money, no understanding of what I could do with a degree in the arts. So I took a different path. Today, I want every young person—especially first generation students—to understand how they can turn passions into meaningful and creative careers.

And because I believe that to reimagine tomorrow, we need more education about global citizenship, intercultural communication and understanding, and tolerance of one another through constant self-reflection and authentic expression.

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Here's Some of What I Teach

in English and in Spanish

Students Call for Social Change

Challenging Times: Global Citizenship and Creative Engagements

Sustainable Living: Be Part of the Solution

How Does Social Justice Build a More Equitable International Education?

Arts and Humanities: Don't Leave College Without Them

Youth Culture and Protest in Spain

Social Innovation in Spain

Digital Storytelling & Electronic Literature of the Hispanic World

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Students Call for Social Change

Below you can see the volumes we've published (available on Amazon, all proceeds donated)

Through a series of courses at Union College, and through independent projects, participants write and publish books and blogs to inspire the change they wish to see in their world. 

The books in this series are sold on Amazon and all proceeds are donated to C.O.C.O.A House, an after-school mentoring program in Schenectady, NY.  We keep the price of the books low ($9.50).

This initiative is driven by the belief that we need to hear the voices of today’s young people—who we are calling Generation Now. What is on their minds? What concerns them? What have they experienced? And what change do they wish to see in their lives? By spreading their words through the largest book distribution platform in the world, we hope to connect individuals of all ages and from all parts of the world, build community through personal stories that come from the heart, and, over time, build a movement meant to emphasize the importance of people-centered and fearlessly courageous change.

This effort is focused on the concept of the “everyday change maker.” The term—driven today by the Ashoka organization and Case Foundation—implies a sense of agency over one’s own life and the communities in which we live. “Everyday change making” comes from a deeply human and honest place of meaning-making and civic purpose that begins with us.

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Generation X Goes Global

This website is  dedicated to expanding scholarship and engagement with Generation X around the globe.

Home: About

But, Who Am I really?

What Drives Me?

My passion? Develop change makers and empower the next generation. I love being part of positive change, making a difference in other people's lives and coming up with creative solutions. Want to brainstorm ideas? Count me in. I have many! Want to think big? I'm there.

Let's reimagine how we work, learn, live together. Let’s make it happen. I’m an optimist. A constant innovator. A do-er. I listen. I learn. I empower. I teach. I get things done. And I can work organically and strategically to accomplish big and impactful visions for 3-5-10 years down the road, one day at a time. Because when it comes to supporting our children, making their lives better, building more balanced, healthy, and meaningful environments, I would give everything.

With compassion, lots of love, support, and a good sense of humor and daily laughter (and yes, some play too), I wish to empower others to be all they wish to be.

Home: About Me

Let’s Connect

If you'd like to contribute or collaborate, I'd like to hear from you.

If you need a consultant to evaluate and collaboratively redesign an arts and humanities program, please reach out.

If you are working to elevate the arts and humanities across communities and professional fields, I'm all ears.

Or, if you just feel like connecting, send me an e-mail.

Thanks for submitting!

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